Online Marketing

A Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy for your business

We know you don’t have time to sit on the internet checking and updating, commenting and tweeting, liking and sharing – you have a business to run.

We would love to assist you with all your online marketing and advertising requirements. Allow us to do what we do best, while you do what you do best.

Online Marketing Tools

We offer a full range of online marketing tools which we can setup and manage for your businesses. From designing and setting up a website, setting up and/or managing your Social Media business profiles to advertising and marketing your business’ promotional products/services.

Here is a list of services we offer:



Social Media Marketing
From R 500 per month per platform
Setup you social media platform of choice
Choose your budget
Choose your content
Online Advertising
Budget Specific
Choose from a variety of online advertising options:
Business Listing
R 500 once off
Add your business to 3 top business directories
All Three Combo
From R 1000 per month
Setup your business directories
Setup and manage your social media platforms
Manage your advertising